Customers also have the option to secure their favourite jewellery piece by placing it on lay-by. The following terms and conditions apply on all lay-bys:

  1. Jewellery piece(s) need to be over $100 to be placed for lay-by.
  2. A deposit of 20% of the total invoice needs to be paid at the beginning to start lay-by.
  3.  Lay-by should be completed within/up to 6 weeks.
  4. Failure to complete payments in the specified time would make the goods and the 20% deposit liable for forfeiture. 
  5. A lay-by can be cancelled by the customer within the 6 weeks period. However the initial 20% deposit would be payable as a cancellation fee.
  6.  Lay-by items cannot be exchanged or refunded after a lay-by has been finalised and collected.
  7.  Orders will only be dispatched when the balance has been paid in full.

Contact us on , let us know what item you are interested in and we will help you place your piece on Lay-By.