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Our Story


Gabby Garewal with her mum Bubbles Garewal, who has been her source of inspiration.

As a Punjaban*, jewellery has always been an integral part of my Punjabi heritage. From an early age, I used to get mesmerized by the sparkle and shine of fine jewellery worn by all the Punjaban women in my family. As a teenager, I used to always sit next to my mum’s dressing table and eagerly await the moment when she would open her green vanity case and try on each piece of jewellery until she found the one that best enhanced her outfit. As she carefully placed back each piece of jewellery in the vanity case, I would pick it up again and start to admire myself in the mirror. Sometimes, if I was lucky, my mum would lend me one of her lighter pieces of jewellery to wear on special occasions. As I matured over time, my mum gradually handed down many of her classic pieces of jewellery from her collection. These days, in the hope of emulating her effortless elegance and style for which she is still well known amongst her friends, I prefer to wear my mum’s classic pieces of jewellery rather than the ones I have bought myself.

Over the years, through my travels around the world, I have collected some unique pieces of jewellery which when worn have been admired and complimented by friends and acquaintances. There are now moments in our family when I share my collection with mum, the same way she shared her’s with me during my teenage years.

I believe that the right piece of jewellery can not only uplift a woman’s spirit but can also bring elegance and life to a simple outfit instantly when worn appropriately. A simple but timeless piece of advice that my mum once gave me was to constantly experiment with a variety of classic jewellery and accessories with the clothes to create new and refreshed looks for different occasions. This has lead me to develop my visionary online store where anyone who is enthusiastic about their jewellery are able to find unique pieces with delicate and intricate craftsmanship that exudes their inner and outer personality. Each one of my collections emulates my heritage and experience with jewellery, and is carefully selected while keeping up with the trends that span the world.

*Punjab is a state in Northwest part of India from where my family originates.