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Our Jewellery

 Semi-Precious Jewellery

At Punjaban Diva, our “Goddess” collection includes classic traditional Indian jewellery with craftsmanship of the 16th Century which gained patronage of the kings and nobility. These often ‘One-Off’ pieces are made using Sterling Silver and are sometimes gold plated with 18 -24 kt gold.

Our “Goddess” jewellery also uses semi precious stones, such as Amethyst, Peridot, Citrine etc.


Kudan Jewellery

Kudan/Polki is one of the oldest arts of jewellery making in India that found great patronage during the Mughal Era in India. The word “Kudan” refers to the type and method used to set stones and gems on a piece of jewellery. Authentic Kudan jewellery is made in 24 carat gold. However pure silver or silver with gold polish is also widely used today to create mesmerising pieces that are relatively low in price.

Kudan Jewellery is not entirely made out of gold or silver. Highly refined gold/silver is used in conjunction with a special material called Lac to create a mould in which stones, crystal or glass are set. Provided below is a detailed look into the entire process of making a single Kundan jewellery piece:

One significant reasons why Kudan jewellery is still desired by many jewellery lovers is because it was once worn by kings and queens of India, which makes it even more attractive.


Lac (Wax) Jewellery

Lac is a resinous substance produced by a female Lac insect. Even though Lac jewellery was originally developed from the city of Bikaner in the Indian state of Rajasthan, this famous traditional handcrafted ethnic jewellery is also made in other cities of Rajasthan including the famous Pink City called Jaipur.

Though this type of jewellery is normally referred to as ‘Lac Jewellery’ it is in fact ‘Lac Filled Jewellery’, as Lac or wax is filled in the hollow silver foil piece to give it strength. Among the various items in Lac jewellery, the bangles need a special mention. Bangles made of Lac are of bright colour and glass work done on them makes them more attractive. Rajasthani people believe that Lac bangles bring good omen to those who wear them.


NOTE: At Punjaban Diva, our photo editors take utmost care to accurately represent the colour and appearance of all the jewellery and accessories on our website. However, variations in shades inevitably occur due to variations in colour settings of each computer/laptop monitors. In light of that we aim to provide descriptive names for colours and shades present in our jewellery pieces and accessories so as to give you the most accurate idea of each product.

Punjaban Diva makes every effort to ensure all goods dispatched are in excellent condition and well packaged. All of the merchandise sold on our website is imitation, costume, fashion jewellery, unless otherwise clearly stated and will require proper care taking as many pieces are delicate in nature. This guarantee does not cover customer neglect or damage.